Happy Earth Day! We made it! This is a fantastic day to end our We make it-crowdfunding. We love you! Thank you for your trust and thank you for your support to take more care about mother nature and all beings  now we are able to proceed with Hakuna Matata. We have stopped to make any predictions or an expected opening date as in Morocco everything happens a bit different. So we practice patience. 

Do you want to support us in Tamraght? We are looking for people who would like to share their passion (cooking, hosting a café, holding sustainable workshops, carpenter, artists) with us. Send us an email on lovenature@hakunamatatamaroc.com

Youssef and me have a vision. We are going to open the first sustainable oriented, mainly organic and community supporting restaurant & workshopplace in south of Morocco. But we need YOUR HELP. We need 10 000 Euros more to finance a waterfilter, crafting more natural furniture, creating the community kitchen and furnishing the organic kitchen. DONATE and choose your moroccan reward.

Support sustainability in Morocco

We got blocked, because:

  1. Sustainability is not in local’s mindset at all. People are trying to stop us.
  2. Everything what is sustainable or has quality is very expensive here.

We won’t give up. Help us with your donation to make the project Hakuna Matata in Morocco happen. ❤