We don’t want to be a stylish, funky restaurant, we want to be a sustainable place where we can inspire others to run their business with less plastic and produce less trash. Our intention is to give things which are not used anymore a second life. In the last few weeks we collected around 300 kg kitchen equipment and decoration items in Switzerland. All these 23 cardboards were supposed to go to the trash. Imagine! It is crazy how many things we have too much in the western world. So the machines or items out of plastic you will find at Hakuna Matata are secondhand, not new bought.

Now the transport is on the way to Morocco and soon you can find a variety of mix&match plates, cutlery, bowls, cups at Hakuna Matata. You and your friends are going to have different plates for example and you are going to share salad bowls and casseroles. Yes, sharing is caring.

Thank you to all of you who have donated us some kitchen material.